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Erum’s husband passed away in 2009 when she was 22 years old; leaving her with three daughters to take care of by herself. She had no support system from her family, so she had to go and work in a factory with an unsavory environment..

Give the Needy Foundation has supported Erum and her three daughters since 2009 with their basic necessities; so she could work and send her children to school. Without that her children would not have been exposed to any form of education and definitely exploited. These children in their school uniforms; are healthy and taken care of with the result of your support.

Erum’s 3 daughters in December 2012, when we went to visit them at their school in Karachi.



Erum’s 3 daughters in November 2013, when we went to visit them at their school in Karachi.



Erum’s three daugters. They study at a school which is run with excellence by Shaheen Mansur (sitting on the right)



Update on Erum Naz and her 3 daughters January 2014

Erum still works in a factory 8 hours a day without any motivation or choice. We encouraged her to pursue her dreams by learning a new skill set. She is now going to a beauty school to learn how to be a licensed cosmetologist. All her 3 daughters are doing very well in school and want to be doctors when they grow up. It is amazing to know, no matter what your status is in life, you can never give up on your dreams.

Update on Erum Naz and her daughters February 2015



Erum Naz and her 3 daughters are doing well in school.  The two older daughters are standing next to Shaheen Mansoor; one of the Senior Board members of GTN in their school.