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Fighting hunger is an unending battle in the poor countries. In some places it takes only a dollar to provide a meal to a poor person.  The process of getting food to the hungry requires a dynamic infrastructure and a proper management.  We manage to feed the hungry by making arrangements with several small restaurants spread in the cities. We give them a specific amount of funds to feed the poor people who come daily to these soup like kitchens.  It is not as organized as we have them in the USA, but they make do and spread a picnic like setting on the sidewalks of these restaurants (as seen in the pictures below).  We often get volunteers to distribute meals in boxes to women and children also (as also seen in pictures below).

These needy people can only rely on getting their meals regularly which are free of cost to them. Without this we are leaving the homeless and families at greater risk of hunger. We at Give the Needy with the help of Shaheen Mansoor regularly feed families in these soup like kitchens with your donations and hope we can continue to pursue this noble cause at a much larger scale with your support.

Every now and then we encounter individuals in our lives that have shared a positive relationship with us. You may consider and make a tribute donation in honor of, or in memory of. You can also honor someone special by making a gift to Give the Needy Foundation in their name… a positive way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, holiday besides the memory of a loved one.

Donations to Give the Needy Foundation are tax-deductible.