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Mali Armand
Director of Give the Needy Foundation

She is a creative designer/artist and has her own business: UniversalLink.com in Irvine, CA. USA. She has made a considerable difference in a family, which acts as the nonprofit model for this cause.

Zheila Bazleh – Secretary of Give the Needy Foundation

She is a practicing attorney in Dallas, Texas USA and has actively participated with the Children’s Rights Clinic for the University of Texas at Law.

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Raeda Latif Board of Director of Give the Needy

She is an active social worker to help work against poverty in her environment. She is an Investment Banker in Karachi, Pakistan.

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David Galceran Treasurer of Give the Needy 

He is a Finance Manager in Irvine, California USA. He helps with the checks and balances at Give the Needy.

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Mo Khan Advisor for Give the Needy

He is the General Manager of Xelleration
A technology firm in Irvine, California. He advises us in the areas of governance, compliance and best practices.  He is also a vocal supporter and sponsor of our charity in the business community.

Shaheen Mansoor  – Board Member (For the Pakistan chapter)

She is an owner of a school in Karachi, which is run by her for the past 40 years. She is a great asset to Give the Needy Foundation, as she helps us select and monitor families we support.

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