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Deborah Mulupi Masunde

Deborah Mulupi Masunde is a 45 year old single mother of five girls (one of which is married) was abandoned by her husband and lives Kawangare (slum area in Nairobi), where she does some gardening and grows some vegetation to support her family.  Unfortunately it is not enough to support her girls, as well as send them to school; especially having bad health due to her very stressful life. In desperation she sometimes borrows money from her married daughter; who also has 2 children with her own restraints.

Update on Deborah Mulupi Masunde

We supported Deborah and her three children for nearly a year and stop supporting her November, 2011 when she was capable to stand on her own feet and no longer needed our support. We are happy to share that with the effort and support from Give the Needy Foundation, Deborah created a small vegetable garden in her backyard and is now selling vegetables and taking care of her family outside of Nairobi. We wish Deborah health, happiness and a good life with her children moving forward.