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Shaheen Mansoor Board Member of Karachi, Pakistan Chapter

Shaheen Mansoor is an owner of a school in Karachi, Pakistan which is run by her for the past 40 years. She is a great asset to Give the Needy Foundation, as she help us select families which are truly in need of food / shelter and also help us support kids who cannot afford their school fee, books and uniforms.

She helps monitor the families we support and gives us updates on their progress and their needs. In many cases it has also been for their medical needs. Of recent we have also selected some children who have Stargardt’s Disease. Vision loss from Stargardt’s generally begins to show up within the first 20 years of a young person’s life, particularly in early childhood and eventually leads to blindness.

Most of the children we have selected are from the families we support. They are very bright kids who want to make a difference in their lives and struggle at great lengths to score high grades; so they can improve their standard of living and fulfil their dreams.

Below are some pictures of Shaheen’s school and her students in classrooms.