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munni_family_2004 Munni Khalil

Amina, Munni and her five children in 2005. Details for Munni’s story which acts as the nonprofit model for this cause; is in the “History” section.. We have been supporting her family and her since 2005. All her children are presently attending school and getting very good grades. Their lives have changed over the years for the better. They have hope to look forward.

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erum_naz_smlErum Nas

Erum husband passed away in 2009; leaving her with three children to take care of by herself. She had no support system from her family. Give the Needy Foundation supported Erum since 2009 with her basic necessities; so she could send her children to school. These children in their school uniforms; are healthy and taken care of with the result of your support.

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falaz_naz_pic Falak Naz

We are helping a little girl “Falak Naz” since she was 5 years old. She has a spinal deformity called: “thoracic kyphoscoliosis” Give the Needy Foundation not only supports widows and orphans but also helps girls with any kind of abnormalities. Falak Naz is one of the victims. She is a very intelligent and fun-loving ten year old girl. At present she is in

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Varsha and Warda

We are helping a single mother with her 2 daughters.  They lost their father in a tragic accident. Their mother has never worked – has started a small job to meet her needs with the help of Give the Needy Foundation. Varsha who is 13 years old is in the 8th grade and her sister Warda is 11 years old goes to the 6 grade.

Masood and Saudur

We are making an exception and helping two bright young boys.  Masood 10 years old (Grade 4) and Saudar (Grade 8) 16 years old.  They both have an unfortunate Stargardt’s Disease. Vision loss from Stargardt’s generally begins to show up within the first 20 years of a young person’s life, particularly in early childhood and eventually leads to blindness.  Their father has that disease and has gone blind recently and has difficulty providing for his family.  We at Give the Needy are supporting these two young boys; who want to accomplish something substantial in their lives. One has a dream to be a scientist and the other a doctor.

Ali Ahmed

Ali Ahmed just graduated from the 10th grade and is almost 95% blind.  His Vision loss is from Stargardt’s.  He is now studying in the 11th grade and wants to continue to study.  His mother works in a canteen at a school and can hardly meet her needs. We at Give the Needy help support him – by paying his assistance to a Braille institute, along with a few other requirements he has.


Amna Begum

Amna has two daughters (as seen in the picture above).  She is a single women who wants a better future for her daughters.  Give the Needy help support them due to their limited income and hardships.