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Give the Needy Foundation is an independently registered nonprofit charity committed to provide support to underprivileged families or children with projects here in United States or developing countries; where help is needed. In areas of food/shelter or medical help for the needy. 

Give the Needy Mission

Give the Needy has the vision that every person deserves the right to a dignified way of life. By improving the quality of life of a person in need, we are helping them to have hope for a better future.

Our Present Activities

We help single mothers overseas who have no means of income. Our charitable activities are also motivated by caring for abandoned and abused children in the US.  We do fundraising to help local charities/shelters in our communities in Orange County, California.

Our Management

The activities of Give the Needy are run by an independent Board of Directors and volunteers, who meet regularly and serve without reward or compensation. Their personal opinions and interests are in line with the vision and commitment as mentioned above. We believe that people in need should not be looked down upon by their race, color or religion. They have the same value system for living/life as anyone else, but they are deprived from the opportunity to provide for themselves. There can be no greater inner satisfaction than to help someone less fortunate. Nothing compares to a pure and selfless sense of purpose than helping others.

Our Financials

Our non-profit is dedicated to use your contribution as efficiently as possible. It is our goal to spend no more than 10% of your donation on the overhead costs associated in running the charity and to spend 90% of your contribution to support people in need.

Our pledge to our donors is to continue to keep our overhead costs low, to maximize the percentage of your contributions that go help people in need. If you need any information about our financials; we will gladly give you all the information required, as we have complete financial transparency.