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Mali Armand
Director of Give the Needy Foundation

She is a creative designer/artist and has her own business: MaliArmand.com in Irvine, CA. USA. She has made a considerable difference in a family, which acts as the nonprofit model for this cause.

Zheila Bazleh – Secretary of Give the Needy Foundation

She is a practicing attorney in Dallas, Texas USA and has actively participated with the Children’s Rights Clinic for the University of Texas at Law.

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Afia Ali Board of Director of Give the Needy

She helps work against poverty in her environment. She is Banker in Karachi, Pakistan.

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David Galceran Treasurer of Give the Needy 

He is a Finance Manager in Irvine, California USA. He helps with the checks and balances at Give the Needy.

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Mo Khan Advisor for Give the Needy

He is the General Manager of Xelleration
A technology firm in Irvine, California. He advises us in the areas of governance, compliance and best practices.  He is also a vocal supporter and sponsor of our charity in the business community.

Shaheen Mansoor  – Board Member

She is an owner of a school in Karachi, which is run by her for the past 40 years. She is a great asset to Give the Needy Foundation, as she helps us select and monitor families we support.

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