Zheila Bazleh

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Secretary for Give the Needy Foundation

I moved from London, England to Dallas, Texas, in 1987. I graduated from Greenhill High School in 1997 and from Southern Methodist University (B.A., magna cum laude) in 2001. In 2004, I received my J.D. from the University of Texas School of Law in Austin. While in law school I represented abused children in Travis County District Court as a student attorney ad litem for the UT Children’s Rights Clinic. The experience was emotionally tolling as I felt in many of my cases as if there were no beneficial resolutions available for the children.

I currently am running my own law firm that focuses primarily in commercial real estate and business law but have reserved a niche of my practice for helping form non-profit and 501(c)(3) corporations. When approached by Give the Needy Organization to take on a role with its charity, I thought it was an incredible opportunity to try and help families in serious need in effort to prevent the unresolvable issues I used to see when a family reached such a low point that abuse resulted for the children. I hope you will see the same wonderful benefits I see in this organization.

Email us if you have any comments: give@givetheneedy.org

“ I feel there is no better reward then looking beyond once self and realizing the impact you can make in others lives.”